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 Established 1977 

Albany, NY Center

HSI's Administrative Office Contact information:

By mail: 

Holistic Studies Institute
Administrative Office
125 Wolf Rd, Suite 503-6
Albany, NY 12205

Email:  HSIOffice@aol.com

By telephone:

Telephone: 212-337-3017 (Stephen Robinson)   Fax: 212-645-0282 

We are proud to announce that all activities are now held at:

Holiday (Turf) Inn Conference Center

205 Wolf Rd, Colonie

For driving directions from your home to the Holiday Inn click here

Next to Pizza Hut.  Turn on to Beltrone Drive and follow that to the Holiday Inn. 

Note that the Wolf Road office is a private administrative office only.  It is not open to the public.  Please do not contact The Holiday Inn for course information, enrollment or questions about HSI's activities.  Please contact HSI directly.

Do you have questions? 

Click here to email us


For Psychic and Intuitive Development Courses in Albany, NY please click below:

Check out HSI Calendar below and be sure to scroll through the upcoming months.  We have some exciting events and classes coming!


Check back with us for the upcoming Spring/Summer Psychic Fair

Held at the Holiday Inn Conference Center

205 Wolf Rd., Colonie  (Next to Pizza Hut)

What does the future hold for you?

Let our gifted Psychics look into your life and future.

Our gifted Mediums will bring messages from those who have crossed over.


 Have you been wondering about your life, your future or even your loved-ones who have crossed over? Our psychics will be happy to answer and focus on any questions which you may need to discuss regarding all areas of your life. Each reading is strictly confidential.


  We have been receiving a lot of questions about our Psychic Fairs due to a surprising increase of interest. 




Our best psychics will be giving 20-minute readings for only $29.  Think about it,  even that price is way too low, considering the quality of our readings and the years of experience that each of them possess.  Keep in mind that you are dealing with people who are keenly aware of their sixth sense and will use this to help you make better decisions and improve the quality of you life.  We are very serious about helping you with the best, well-trained, experienced and gifted psychics.



To get the best possible reading, consider the following:



1.  Please bring at least 5 questions with you to the reading.  If you do not have questions, most of our readers will not read for you. Below you will see an example of topics you may want to ask your psychic.


2.  If you have questions about other people, please bring a picture of those you want to know about.  Pictures can be old, recent and/or have multiple people in them. Pictures may also be presented via your cell phone or through print outs.


3.  Each Reader will ask you if they may hold a personal object that you own.  This object should NOT be previously owned.  Usually cell phones, jewelry, keys and other small METAL  objects will do.  This is called Psychometry and is the most accurate way of giving you a reading.


4.  Please keep in mind that each reading is 20 minutes and is timed by our Psychic Fair Manager.  If you attempt to prolong the reading, you will be charged for the extra time.  Also, others may have appointments directly after yours, so please be courteous and mindful of others when your reader says that "our time is up."


Types of Questions to ask your Reader our Fairs:

Love & Romance

Children, Family and Friends

Your Job & Career


Health predictions  (we are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe, but we can make predictions about your health)

Spirit Communication with your friends and relatives who have crossed over

Guardian Angels

Spirit Guides

Your Future in general

Past-life, Karma, Soul Mates and their relevance to this life


Let our expert psychics look into your future. Love, marriage, children, money, success, or a new job might await you. Our psychics have had years of training and are professionally certified. These gifted psychics are also mediums and will look into the Spirit World for you. Who are your spirit guides? How are they helping you? Are there any messages from your loved-ones on the other side for you? What color is your aura? What does your aura tell us about your health and happiness? Come find out with the rest of this year holds in store for you.


No appointment or reservation  is necessary, just come into the Conference Center with questions and an open mind.



HSI is no longer accepting discount coupons for a Psychic Fair Reading.

This is a fund-raiser for HSI.  All mediums here are certified.  They may hold one or both of the following titles:

 Certified Psychic-Medium and/ or Certified Intuitive Consultant

Do you have questions?  Call us:

For Albany call HSI's main headquarters at


For Intuitive Development Courses in Albany, NY please click below

Please scroll down for general activities in Albany.



Cost:   $15 per person.  Cash only is accepted for all message and healing circles.  ATMs are close by.

 Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 PM --Once - twice per month

Doors will be locked at 7:35 PM on Saturday & Sunday evenings.  Please be on time as we do not like to shut participants out.

We will be filling in conductors as the year progresses.  Check back in with us for conductors.



Saturday 7:30 PM & Sunday 7:30 PM--only $15 per person


Date Saturday at 7:30 PM Date Sunday at 7:30 PM
  Conductors   Conductors
Jan 17 Stephen Robinson Jan 18 Stephen Robinson
Feb 21 Stephen Robinson Feb 22 Stephen Robinson
March 7 Stephen Robinson March 8 Stephen Robinson
March 21 Stephen Robinson March 22 Stephen Robinson
March 28 Stephen Robinson March 29 No Séance on this Sunday
April 18 George Koury April 19 Stephen Robinson
May 2 Stephen Robinson May 3 Rick Magan
May 9 George Koury May 10 Stephen Robinson-- Mothers' Day
Message Circle
June 6 No Séance on this Saturday June 7 Stephen Robinson
June 20 Gabriele,  Psychic -Medium June 21 Stephen Robinson
July 18 July 19 Gabriele,  Psychic -Medium
July 25 George Koury July 26 Gabriele,  Psychic -Medium
Aug 8 Aug 9 Stephen Robinson
Aug 22 Aug 23
Sept 12 George Koury Sept 13 Stephen Robinson
Oct 3 TBA Oct 4 George Koury
Oct 10 Oct 11 Stephen Robinson
*Special Halloween Circle*
Nov 7 Nov 8
Nov 21 George Koury Nov 22
Dec 5 George Koury Dec 6
Dec 20 Stephen Robinson
Special Christmas Circle --starts at 8 PM

Click here for more information on our Message Circles


Energy Healing Circles

On Select Sundays once - twice per month at 6 to7 PM

$10 per person

HSI has reformatted our Energy Healing Circles to include both Reiki and Therapeutic Touch energies. In doing so, we have found these circles to be much more powerful, creating not only a peaceful, healing environment but one which facilitates fast, concrete changes in the lives of those who attend and receive healing form our certified practitioners. At these Healing Circles, we will channel powerful healing energy into your energy field (aura), your physical body and into your life. Our Healing Practitioners will be giving individual healing sessions using either Therapeutic Touch Energy Healing and Reiki techniques. Patrons now receive 1 to 2  healing sessions to deeply empower their healing requests.

Schedule 2015

We will be filling in Facilitators as the year progresses.  Check back with us.

Sundays (as listed below) 6 - 7 PM--only $10 per person


Date Facilitator Facilitator
April 19 Cathy Shultes Patty Terleckey
May 3 Cathy Shultes Patty Terleckey
June 7 Cathy Shultes Patty Terleckey
July 19 Marianne Williams  
Aug 9 Jessica Betts  
Sept 13 Jessica Betts  
Oct 11 TBA  
Nov 22 TBA  
Dec 6    

Please visit us and check back in for updates to this schedule.

No appointments necessary. Please arrive by 6 PM with an openness to receive gentle, yet powerful healing energy. Please do not wear cologne or perfume.

Christmas Candlelight Service 2015

Celebrate with

Rev. Stephen C. Robinson6 PM


The Holiday Inn Conference Room

205 Wolf Road, Colonie

Christmas Candlelight Service 2015

with Rev. Stephen Robinson, Board Members and friends of HSI.


Sunday, Dec 20 at 6 PM

Theme for the service:  "Christmas Candlelight and Winter Solstice Service"


Reception to immediately follow the service at 7:15 PM

On this evening the séance will be held at 8 PM (instead of 7:30 PM) Conducted by Stephen Robinson and HSI's best Psychic-Mediums






Rev. Stephen C. Robinson is the Founder and Executive Director of HSI.  He was the Pastor of the Capital District Spiritualist Church for nearly 20 years.  During his tenure he conducted church services, practiced his mediumship and psychic abilities and worked with healing.  He is an ordained minister of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.


Giving consistently returns consistently-- By making a donation to HSI you are giving to a good cause and may attract hundreds and thousands of times more than you give


HSI is a tax-exempt organization, like any other school, church or non-profit group. It is classed as a 501 (c) (3) corporation by the US Department of The Treasury. Therefore your contributions are tax-deductible.


Choose one of three plans to help us meet our operating expenses:


1. $84 – per month plan. This adds up to about $1,000 per year. What is 1,000 times that?


2. ??? –per month plan. Pledge whatever you can afford to give and watch your finances grow!


3. ??? –Make a one-time donation of any amount.

Make your check to HSI. Then watch your finances grow as you practice the 10 principles of the Law of Attraction. To attract money to you, write this affirmation on the “for” line on your check: $ given = 1,000 X to my account!


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